Membership / Keanggotaan

PERAFI (Indonesian FaƧade Association) is a community, and much more. PERAFI (Indonesian FaƧade Association) is an Indonesian membership body driving excellence in faƧade. PERAFI is here to support your career, enhance your practice, and advance your faƧade profession. As a member, you will enjoy access to resources, along with opportunities to drive real and transformative change. Join us and let us work together to design better faƧade industries, stronger communities, equitable, just, and a more sustainable environment for everyone.

1.1 Membership Categories
1.2 Membership Subscription

1.1 Membership Categories

PERAFI (Indonesia FaƧade Association) member types include corporate and individual, operating primarily in the faƧade industry in the Republic of Indonesia

Corporate Membership

Local or international corporation/organization, whether private or public companies authorised by the government, embarking on actual faƧade-related work including studies, design, production, installation, commissioning, and testing, or producing associated equipment, materials and promotion.

Currently - Corporate membership is not opened yet.

Individual Membership

Any individual above 20 years old who is embarking on or involved in faƧade study, design, production, installation, testing, equipment, materials and relevant work. The association offers 4 types of individual membership:

  1. Honorary membership

People or the representative of the organization who have contributed to the faƧade industry or provided outstanding services to the association are invited by the council to join the Honorary membership. Membership is given to commend their contribution to the association and highlight their roles in the industry. Each term is two years.

2. Fellow membership


  • Indonesian citizenship working in Indonesia or overseas.
  • Education: minimum graduate from High School (International Baccalaureate/ A Level or Equivalent)
  • Working experience: at least three years of relevant working experience in the faƧade industry, and currently still working in the faƧade industry.
  • Fee: IDR 800,000 per annum

3. Academic membership


  • Indonesian or overseas citizenship.
  • Employed by a college or university in Indonesia or overseas, and involved in instructing and advising on the mitigation of credit, operational and research i.e. professors, deans, teachers, teaching assistants.
  • Full-time students in a college or university.
  • Fee: IDR 400,000 per annum

Condition: Student Membership will not be entitled voting rights.

4. International Membership

   Currently ā€“ International membership is not opened yet.

Rights of Membership

  1. Member have the preceding rights to enrol in activities organized or co-organized by PERAFI (Indonesian FaƧade Association)
  2. All members (except students) enjoy the right to vote, elect and to be elected to join the Council Board.
  3. An additional discount of 10% exclusive to Corporate Members to place advertisement on PERAFI (Indonesian FaƧade Association) activities
  4. co-organize seminar and or promotional company event with PERAFI (Indonesian FaƧade Association)

1.2 Membership Subscription